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Tomoyo Sakagami

Here's the deal with this video. I'm actually uploading this on behalf of the ClannadCentral Youtube channel. They require this video, but they are unable to upload it directly to their channel for a few reasons. But if you can, go to that channel instead, and ignore this video. Or don't. I don't care. That channel is much better though. You should go there if you like Clannad.\r
Herrscher Of Sanction : Fcking shit I ship them sooooo hard
Josiah Doran : Tomoyo would make a great Power Ranger ... that chick's got potential
Wendy Whaliams : I came here to hear the VA of Delta in Boruto, but now I want to watch the show... Can’t wait
William Butler : Clannad's music, characters, story and subplots were so well crafted, it's had to find fault with any of the primary players. I've watched both series (Clannad and After Story) so many times, I can almost recite them in my sleep. I can't say I have a favorite character because all of them become so dear as the story develops. I liked the OVAs because they give a glimpse at the "what ifs". Noticing some comments referring to the series airing more than 10 years ago only points to the fact that good story telling isn't stuck in time. It's similar to good literature that remains good centuries after it was written. Thanks for putting this up.
内藤強 : shinohara is my. best friend ♫

Itosu-kai - Sakagami ha Shitoryu - Ryusho Sakagami

Itosu-kai - Sakagami ha Shitoryu - Ryusho Sakagami
Thomas Stillman : My early inspiration! Since 1979

Itosu Ryu Karate - Sakagami Sadaaki - 43rd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration

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School: Itosu Ryu Karate (糸洲流空手)
Event: 43rd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration
Date: 02/02/2020
Venue: Tokyo Budōkan, Tokyo
Current representative: Sakagami Sadaaki (坂上 節明)

--- CREDITS ---
Footage by Seido Co., Ltd. (en) (jp) (fr) (en) (fr)

--- MUSIC ---
"Da" by Fumikomidori (

#ItosuRyu #BudoStudies #KobudoDemonstration
KOSO 16 : I love to see the oyo bunkai in dojo..




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