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Missed Approach: The Crash Of Gulf Air 072 Episode 2

Disclaimer: All videos are used for representational purposes only and the content of the narration do not in any way reflect on any entities shown in the video.

Donations are appreciated but never expected: miniaircrashinvestigation@gmail.com (Paypal) This is the story of Gulf Air 072, Gulf Air is a middle eastern carrier that mainly operates Airbus aircraft. On August 23rd 2000 an A320 plunges into the sea off of the coast of Bahrain. The plane was doing a go around when the plane crashed. The report goes into more detail and I have omitted some of the reports contents for the sake of brevity. Findings of the investigation would go on to make the aviation industry safer.


Footage: Big Planes On Daily Motion

Source: https://www.bea.aero/docspa/2000/a40-ek000823a/htm/a40-ek000823a.html

gulf air flight 072 crash//truth behind the crash//analysis of the crash

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Arabic/Nat \r
A Gulf Air Airbus A320 on a flight from Cairo to Bahrain with 143 passengers and crew crashed on Wednesday in the Gulf waters off Bahrain.\r
Civil Defence Commander Brigadier Abdul-Rahman Bin Rashed Al Khalifa said 70 bodies had been retrieved within the first few hours of the crash. \r
He said no survivors have been found but the search was continuing.\r
The aircraft crashed about three to four miles (4.8 to 6.4 kilometers) north of the airport.\r
An air traffic controller at Bahrain airport, speaking on condition of anonymity, described watching the plane from the tower circle the runway twice in an attempt to land, then on the third attempt plunging into the sea and exploding into flames. \r
He gave the time of the crash as 1620 GMT, but a statement by Gulf Air gave it as 1630 GMT.\r
Weeping relatives of flight GF072 passengers pleaded with policemen who threw a security ring around the airport. \r
The airport controller later said the terminal was crowded with relatives of the passengers and crew.\r
In Cairo, only a handful of relatives of the passengers were at the airport in search of information on the fate of their loved ones and friends.\r
There were angry scenes when one relative tried to attack news cameramen and complained about the lack of information on the fate of the passengers. \r
The Gulf Air office at the airport was closed.\r
Gulf Air is owned by Bahrain, the Gulf states of Oman and Qatar, as well as Abu Dhabi, the largest of seven sheikdoms making up the United Arab Emirates. \r
Based in Bahrain, it flies to 53 international destinations.\r
You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/81a08f32857f7f43788951d94a8446bd \r
Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork




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