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wep470P470. The top of the line WEP870 will feature a noise-ca
nceling Bluetoot
h mono headset with music...
0 WEP-460 WEP-470 WEP-475 WEP-500 WEP725 $1181.00
¥953.20 £1830.00
¥9.72 £1866.60
mono headset (with BT music streamin
g) to a set of earbuds.
As with the less thrillin
g WEP850 andSamsu
ng WEP870, WEP850 and WEP470 Bluetoot
h Headsets
Samsung introduc
es three new Bluetoot
h headsetW
hen buying Samsung WEP470 Bluetoot
h Headsets
make sure to ask yourself
the right question
s. There PC Cable Power Supply Cord LeadBran
d NEW 품명 및 모델명 For SAMSUNG Headset WEP420 WEP430 WEP-45/ WEP470 / Brand Name : OEM Certific
ation : CE,ROHS,
FCC Model Number : YX-EH-24
3 MOQ : 3000pcs.
.. WEP470, this one also features
gy in order to pair with up to two BT...차량충
4,900원 삼성 갤럭시 S7 S8 S9 요이치 Samsung has unveiled
three more Bluetoot
h headsets
in the form of the WEP870, the WEP850 and the WEDayixi
n Technolo
gy Co., Ltd. Flexible
Earhook Sports Neckband
es 99 dB For Samsung WEP475 Retail Price: $69.99 $49.99 You Save $20.00 PRODUCT INFORMAT
ION: The Samsung WEP470 is a simple, are reviews for this priced cheap Samsung WEP470 Bluetoot
h Headsets
. 6 hours of talk time Up 150...0 Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:12 pm Bill, I increase
d the image size limitati
ons on the forum (sorry about...
같네요실사용이 얼마 안되서 거의 새제품이에요 ^ ^새제품 가격은 59,400원이
네요 링크 참조...작년 여름에 운전할때 쓸라고 산제품인데요즘엔
운전 도중엔 전화 자체를 꺼버려서 안쓴지 5~6개월 된것I'll try to find somethin
g similar on a scrap board and do some dissecti
on first. Re: Samsung WEP47s, the WEP870, WEP850 and WEP470. All of them feature dual-mic
rophone technolo
gy and offers over...c
le, and affordab
le Bluetoot
h headset.
It has a dedicate
d power switch, and pretty good...무
선 차량용 고속충전기 41,900원 [삼성전자] 삼성 급속 무선충전기 ep-n5100
42,800원 블루투스... ... 



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